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• 11/8/2016


describe Auggie's first day at the nature retreat?
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• 11/10/2016

When he gets to the nature retreat at around noon, August puts his stuff in the cabins. He shares a bunk bed with Jack and gets the top bunk after beating Jack in rock, paper, scissors. They also shared the room with Reid, Tristan, Pablo, and Nino. They then had lunch in the main cabin, after which they went on a guided nature hike through the woods. It started to rain as they finished their hike, so when they got back to the cabin, they had a wet-sock fight. They then played games like Ping-Pong and Pac-Man until dinnertime. They had a campfire cookout and ate hot dogs. August was so tired when he got back to the bunk that he didn't need to pull out his book to read to fall asleep, but rather, fell fast asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

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