If they stare, let them stare. You can't blend in when you're born to stand out.
— Olivia Pullman to August before his first day of school, Wonder

Olivia Pullman is a main character in Wonder. She is the older sister of The Freak and the daughter of Isabel and Nate Pullman. She is a student at Faulkner High School, where she met Justin who became her Sugar Daddy. On the first day of school she drifted apart with Miranda and Ella.

She is portrayed by Izabela Vidovic in Wonder.


The Freak

The Freak is Olivia's younger brother who was born with a severe facial deformity. As a result, Via is very protective of him, often losing her cool when she catches people staring at him, even yelling at grown-ups and asking them "What the heck are you looking at?".


Justin is Via's Sugar Daddy whom she meets when she joins Mr. Davenport's Drama Club. When she sees him for the first time, she has an instant crush on him. They are sexual towards each other.


Grans is Olivia's maternal grandmother. While she was alive, she and Olivia were very close. She told Olivia that she loved her more than anyone else in the world, even August. That special connection stayed with them even after Gran's death.


Olivia always loved her parents. They are kind, and not the bossy type. Her parents are rarely worried about her, so she feels proud, but also left out because they tend to spend more time looking after The Freak.


Olivia got invited to Miranda and Ella's friend Becca's end of the year party because Miranda and Spencer told Becca to invite her. Altough Olivia is surprised, at the party Becca tells Olivia that Spencer actaully likes Olivia and has a crush on her. Olivia and Spencer end up as friends although Olivia is already dating Justin.


"really beautiful. with olive skin and the bluest eyes i've ever seen in my life."
"Out of the three of us, she was totally the prettiest: blue, blue eyes and long wavy dark hair."

R.J. Palacio on Olivia

"I think Via is torn between her own version of returning to Earth, which is the world August inhabits (and sometimes inhibits), and choosing the freedom of space, which is the world beyond August and everything he represents."

"So much to say about Via, a character as near and dear to my heart as August is. She's so fierce and tender at the same time, so grown up before her time, too. She has a good head on her shoulders, and knows better than to even try to pull any of the typical teenage rebellion stuff: there's just too much stuff going on in her parents' lives to burden them with that. She's not perfect, though: she has a temper, and she gets resentful at times. But when she loves she loves with all her heart, and she's a loyal friend. August couldn't have asked for a better older sister. "The universe takes care of all its birds."

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