The summer (the season) table is founded by Summer Dawson and August Pullman. It is a table for people whose name is related to summer, such as Summer (the season) and August (a month).


Summer Table, Wonder (film) film still.


It was founded when Summer first came to sit with Auggie. Then they started listing people who could sit at the Summer Table: Maya (Although May is in spring), Reid (Because Auggie imagined Reid as "a reed of grass"), Julian (July), Ms. Petosa (sounds like petal), etc. Auggie even wrote Jack on the list, saying that they could make a sentence out of it: "Jack will go to the beach." They also agreed that they will let people sit at their table if they are nice, even they have a winter name.

By the sixth grade, the Summer Table consisted of Auggie, Summer, Jack Will, Maya Markowitz, Reid Kingsley, and Charlotte Cody, as described by Charlotte to Mr. Browne. (365 Days of Wonder)