Zack is a student in Wonder. He attends school at Faulkner High, where he is on the varsity volleyball team. He is currently dating Miranda.


During their freshman year of high school, Zack and Miranda begin dating. When he finds out that Miranda chose the theater elective, he warn her, "Careful you don't turn into a drama geek." Miranda describes him as "not the most sympathetic dude in the world" as a result, but still says that he is "very cute [and] very high up on the totem pole," along with being "a varsity jock."

On the opening night of the play, Zack has a volleyball game against Collegiate that he can't miss, so he doesn't come to see Miranda perform. He wanted Miranda to also miss opening night so that she would come to his game to cheer him on, though she did not do so in the end.